Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

To our Campers and Families, 


We are heartbroken to announce that we are canceling our in-person sessions on Catalina this year and are moving our programming online for Summer 2020. 

Whether you were anticipating this decision, or holding out hope for camp on the island, we know how hard it is to imagine a year without camp. We hold this loss with you, and are here for you.  

We did not arrive at this decision lightly. We consulted many families, camp directors, and medical professionals as we tried to find a way to make camp happen safely. 

Please click the link below to view a message from our Executive Director, Chrissie “Penny Lane” Endler and our Co-founder and Medical Director Kevin “Big Kahuna” Shannon, MD. 


We hope that this video helps provide some insight into our decision making process, and that you find comfort in the knowledge that while we won’t be seeing each other in person, we have exciting online camp programs coming your way! 


Session Dates: July 24th - August 2nd

We are excited to announce our session dates for Camp 2.0 - Adventure del Corazon! Unlike in-person camp, Camp 2.0 is one big session with all our campers! We will have programming every day from Friday July 24th - Sunday August 2nd. Join us for any portion of the program you can attend! 

Please see our FAQ page for more information about what to expect from Camp 2.0 or email

Back in Action 2021 - Camp del Corazon isn’t going anywhere. We look forward to a fun online summer, and are excited and hopeful to be back on the island for summer 2021. 


2020 Registration Fee - “Camp 2.0” will be free to campers, but if you would like to make a donation to camp, you can do so HERE, or if you would like a refund of your 2020 registration fee you can complete THIS FORM and we will contact you. If you do not contact us for a refund we will re-classify your registration fee as a tax deductible donation. 


It is a great loss not to be together in person this summer. COVID-19 has handed us many challenges, and translating what makes being on the island so special, into a virtual format is definitely a challenge. Together, let us take a page from Xena’s handbook and together with open minds and open hearts declare, “We can do that!”


See you online for “Camp 2.0!” 


Camp Love, 

The Camp del Corazon Team 


Chrissie “Penny Lane” Endler - Executive Director 

Kevin “Big Kahuna” Shannon, MD - Co-founder and President 

Leigh “Morpheus” Reardon, MD - PACE Medical Director 

Katrina “Kit Kat” Whalen, NP - Nursing Director 

Tiffany “T” Maisonet - Program Director


11615 Hesby St. - N. Hollywood, CA 91601

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