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Our Campsite at Catalina Island Camps

Camp del Corazon is held at Catalina Island Camps located at Howland's Landing, a private cove on the leeward side of beautiful Catalina Island. Just 22 miles off the coast of Southern California, our cove is approximately three miles, by boat, west of Two Harbors, and 20 miles west of Avalon, the main "city" on the Island.


Within our sheltered cove, our pier extends into the bay providing the focal point for swimming, boating and other water activities. On shore, our main lodge contains the shaded Dining Terrace. Rustic bunkhouses and open-sided chalets are located on each side of the Dining Terrace and along the shore. Complete bathroom and shower facilities are adjacent to each living area. Tennis courts, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, tetherballs and playing fields are located between the Dining Terrace and the beach.

Camp Del Corazon provides a variety of fun and exciting activities for campers of all ages. All of the activities are lead by trained Activity Counselors and supervised by one of our Nurses. Our on site physicians not only oversee all medical needs of our campers but are known to jump in and play and/or teach some of the activities as well. At Camp Del Corazon all volunteer staff members attend staff training prior to working with our children. Each day the campers attend 5 to 6 activity periods accompanied by their cabin counselors.     

Camp Tour

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Girls Camp

Boys Camp

Lower Fields & Boys Camp

The Center of Camp

The Airstream Theatre

Climbing Wall


High Ropes and Outdoor Cooking

Back of Camp

Whole Site From Above 

Garden and Compost Area


Climbing Wall
All activities are challenge by choice - you do as much, go as far as you want! Explore your adventurous side by climbing the 30-foot wall and look over the entire campsite!  


Court Games
Options include basketball, tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, or just throwing a football or dancing. Full cabin participation is encouraged, but also allows for campers to build bonds with other peers.

Adventure Games
All games encourage listening and cooperation skills as well promote self-esteem.  

At CdC, volleyball is a little different… the ball is 20 times the size of a real volleyball, and is filled with helium and air. 

Waterfront Activities
Campers have the opportunity to kayak, swim, play inner tube water polo and going down the giant slide. Trained lifeguards and counselors oversee each activity at all times!  

Disco Bingo
Everyone comes dressed in disco clothes - the crazier the better. An All-Camp Bingo game is played. Each time someone yells, "Bingo!" the whole camp gets up and dances to a popular disco song. 

Archery and Riflery
Campers shoot at the bull's-eye targets at the archery field after learning all the safety rules. Some become as good as William Tell!  

Evening Program
Each night of camp the Camp Director and Unit Directors put on a wonderful program for the campers never to be forgotten. 

Arts & Crafts
Craft projects can include friendship bracelets, tie-dye, mosaic tiles, leather tooling, and more. Campers are encouraged to write notes of thanks to be distributed to the donors who make camp possible.  

Evening Campfire
One night of each camp session everyone meets in the Air-Stream Theater or the Amphitheater where campers and staff put on crazy shows and skits. Songs are led by the Directors, and then as the fire slowly burns down, we tell quiet stories and gaze at the stars. 

Like softball, but the bat is actually huge water cooler bottle. The BOOM can be heard all over camp!  

The Beach BBQ
What a night! Our volunteer BBQ team and serves up a delicious buffet for the whole camp!

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