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Medical Volunteers

Applications for medical volunteers are open NOW!

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Catalina Island Session Dates for 2024

Session 1: August 15-19

Session 2: August 19-23

Session 3: August 23-27

We have a total of 70-90 staff members on site at all times. A team of no less than 12 nurses is present on the island at all times. Two pediatric cardiologists will be on site to provide further medical supervision. Want to refer a new camper or become a partner cardiologist?

Please contact us today to join us in our outreach efforts!

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Check it out!

  • Applications for summer programs are open!

    • Summer Program applications are open via our online platform, CampDoc.

    • There, you'll set up your profile by entering your email and password to set up your Volunteer Profile.


  • Live Scan Fingerprint Background Check REQUIRED

    • In accordance with AB506, we are requiring the all staff receive a LiveScan background check. See our FAQ page below for more details. 


Medical Leadership


Medical Director

Dr. Kevin Shannon aka Big Kahuna

Co-Founder/President/Medical Director Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA
Director Pediatric Electrophysiology

Dr. Shannon has been a prominent Pediatric Cardiologist in Los Angeles for 30+ years. He is affiliated with Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA and co-founded Camp del Corazon with Lisa Knight, RN. He has been our Medical Director from the very beginning, and makes camp the safest and most fun place to be! Everyone on the island loves Big Kahuna! 

Nursing Director

Katrina Whalen, NP aka Kit Kat

Adult Congenital Cardiology Nurse Practitioner at UCLA Health

Katrina has worked at UCLA Health for over 8 years as both an Adult Congenital Cardiology NP and a Cardiomyopathy NP and has volunteered with Camp del Corazon for almost 20 years. She oversees the approval of over 300 campers every summer, manages our team of fabulous nurse coordinators, and supports our young adult program, P.A.C.E.Most importantly though, Kit Kat makes the best camp s'more ever!

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