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General Summer Camp Program Frequently Asked Questions

​​Check it out!

  • Registration for summer programs opens in JANUARY!

    • Summer Camp registration will open via CampDoc.

    • You can access the application through our website (here!)

  • Need help completing your application on Camp Doc? Use the (?) button in the top right of the portal or email for camp office assistance.

  • Las solicitudes para el campamento familiar presencial y virtual se abrirán en enero.

  • Can I find all this information in a hard copy for my reference?

    • Yes. Once your child has been accepted to camp, you will receive a confirmation packet outlining all camp rules, camper expectations, procedures, and drop off/pick up day instructions.


Signing Up for Camp:

  • What is the registration process?

    • Registration Opens each year in January. Links to the application will be posted on our WEBSITE and social media. Returning campers will get an email from us with a link to register. 

    • There are three steps to the registration process:  

      • 1. Online registration (guardian completes) – You will fill out the online registration form and will need: Your child’s cardiac diagnosis, current medications, immunizations, allergy information and insurance information (if you have insurance)

      • 2. Camper Cardiologist Form (for In-Person Summer Camp Only) is filled out by a nurse or the pediatric cardiologist at your child’s cardiology clinic. Once you complete step one, we notify your child’s cardiology clinic to complete the Camper Cardiologist Form.  Your clinic will submit the completed medical form and any clinic notes from your child’s last appointment, including test results. You may want to reach out to your child’s clinic to remind them of this step.

      • 3. Camp Medical approval – Once the Camper Cardiologist Form is complete, our camp medical team will review the application and notify you of camp acceptance or denial.


  • Can I register for Camp on a SmartPhone? 

    • Yes, CampDoc will be available on any mobile smartphone in January!


  • Is there going to be a Virtual Camp this year?

    • YES! Check out the ​Virtual Family Camp page on our website for more!


  • ​Is my child guaranteed a space at summer camp? In my first choice session?

    • We strive to allow as many children as possible to experience camp. That being said, there are limits to what our facilities can accommodate, and we can only accept campers for whom we can offer the appropriate level of care. Applying to camp early will reserve your spot, pending approval from our camp Medical Team.

      • ​Please complete at least 94% of your camper’s application before July 1st in order to avoid being moved into the Waitlist. Our office team will be in touch if this is the case.

  • Why should I sign-up for virtual Camp? 

    • Why not? Virtual FAMILY Camp brings the same fun Camp feeling to the screen... for the whole family! We will bring ALL of the same Camp vibes and offer the WHOLE FAMILY a chance to experience CAMP!!


  • I’m only interested in in-person Camp. Change my mind? 

    • By registering for both in-person and Virtual Family Camp, Campers will have the opportunity to maximize their summer camp experience and make even more friends in the CHD community. You even get a box of family-fun with Virtual Family Camp registration!

Getting to Camp:

  •  Is transportation provided to Residential Camp?

    • You are responsible for getting your child  to the “dock” at the Catalina Island Express in San Pedro (Berth 95, San Pedro, CA 90731 at Swinford and Harbor Boulevard).  You are also responsible for picking up your child from this location. 

    • We provide a chartered Catalina Express boat to Catalina Island.


  • ​What is drop off and pick up like?

    • Drop Off: Guardians will bring their campers to the Catalina Express San Pedro docks at the designated time the morning of the first day of camp. Upon arriving, guardians will sign their camper into Camp del Corazon’s care, medication and additional forms, drop off their luggage and say goodbye. Campers will be introduced to one of their cabin counselors. They will then board the ferry as a cabin and cross over to the island.

    • Pick Up: Guardians will arrive at the dock for pick up at 1:30pm on the last day of the session. Once the ferry reaches the dock, campers will wait with their cabins until all campers have returned and all luggage is unloaded. Once their authorized guardian signs them out with a staff member, they are free to leave.


  • What should my child bring to camp?

    • You can see our suggested packing list in the Camper Handbook (link coming soon). Please remember each camper is limited to a maximum of one duffel bag. The only loose item may be a sleeping bag if it does not fit inside the duffel, and please do not affix the sleeping bag to your child’s duffel. 

    • Please make sure your child’s full name is on everything they bring to camp.


  • What should my child NOT bring to camp?

    • Campers may not bring cell phones, smart watches, iPads, tablets or gaming devices, soda, candy, alcohol, personal sports equipment, animals, weapons, drugs, other valuables and/or illicit items to camp. 

      • In the event a child arrives at camp possessing any of these items, they will be collected and remain in administrative control for the duration of the session.

    • New and expensive items do not belong at camp.


About Camp:

  • What does it mean to be an ACA-accredited camp?

    • ACA-Accredited camps meet up to 300 standards for health, safety, and program quality set forth by the American Camp Association. To learn more about the ACA, visit


  • How many days and nights is camp?

    • Camp is 5 days and 4 nights.


  • What is the food like at camp?

    • Campers receive 3 hot meals a day. There are hot vegetarian options available for every meal. During breakfast there is an extensive fruit, cereal and yogurt options and during lunch and dinner there is a full salad option to supplement the main course. Please fill out your child's camp application accordingly and email to express any questions or dietary restrictions in detail.


  • What kinds of activities will my child be participating in?

    • We offer a wide variety of activities run by qualified staff including kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, high-ropes, climbing wall, archery, riflery, performing arts, and arts and crafts.


  • Can a family member or aid come to camp with my child?

    • No. An important piece of the camp experience is gaining independence and leadership through the experiencing of new and challenging things. Additionally, due to limited bed space, providing accommodations for an aid means that we have capacity for one less child to come to camp. If you would like to volunteer at camp, you may apply for a session that is NOT your child’s camp session.

  • Can I visit my child while they are at camp?

    • No. We do not have accommodations available for family during camp, and do not allow visitors during sessions.

About the Cabins/Housing:

  • What are the cabins like? Sleeping arrangements?

    • We have all open air cabins. Each cabin has 4 walls and a ceiling with canvas doors and windows. Cabins let in fresh air during the day, are fully insulated and offer plenty of privacy. Each camper has their own bunk bed with a mattress. In addition to the insulation, campers will need a sleeping bag and a sweatshirt to keep warm at night. 

    • Each cabin has at least two staff members assigned to and sleeping in the cabin.


  • How many kids are in a cabin?

    • We have a maximum of 8 campers in one cabin.

  • How will my child be placed in a cabin?

    • Campers are placed in cabins with kids around their age and we make cabin groupings prior to arriving at Camp del Corazon. 

    • We also consider your child’s health needs in order to create a well-balanced cabin group. 

    • If a cabin-mate request is listed in the camper’s application, we will do our best to accommodate.


  • Can my child be placed in the same cabin as their friend?

    • On your child’s application there is a space to request cabin mates. We do our best to accommodate these requests, but we cannot promise there will be space in each cabin and session. 

  • How many counselors are in a cabin?

    • We have a minimum of 3 counselors in a cabin: 2 cabin counselors and 1 activity counselor. Each cabin is also assigned a med nurse.


  • What is the counselor and camper ratio during camp?

    • To ensure adequate levels of supervision at all times, we maintain a ratio of 1 counselor to 5 campers.


  • Are kids in a cabin all the same age?

    • Yes. Your child will be in a cabin with other campers approximately their age.

  • What are the shower and bathroom facilities like?

    • Camp bathroom and showering facilities are separate buildings located just outside your camper’s cabin. 

    • All bathroom stalls, showers, and changing spaces are designated as single occupancy and available at all times for campers and staff to utilize. Staff are trained on offering the available private changing options to campers.

    • Staff are trained to supervise shower areas to ensure campers are being respectful of each other's space and privacy during shower and changing times. We do not allow public nudity or changing (outside of the cabin or private changing spaces) at camp.


About the Staff:

  • How many staff members are on site?

    • We have a total of 70-90 staff members on site at all times.


  • What are the qualifications of the counselors in my child’s cabin? 

    • Each member of our staff goes through an extensive application and interview process with our Camp Directors. 

    • All counselors attend a full day of Staff Development training prior to the start of camp. 

    • Before being accepted, each volunteer is subjected to a thorough background check including, but not limited to, LiveScan background checks,  the national sexual offender database and the national police department databases. 

    • Our employment practices prohibit discrimination based on physical disability, family status, age, race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity.


About Communications:

  • Can I call and speak with my child during camp?

    • No. To maximize your child’s independent experience at camp, we do not allow incoming or outgoing phone calls during the five days your child is at camp. 


  • What happens if there is an emergency involving my child?

    • In the case of an emergency while camp is in session, you will be contacted immediately. In the event we cannot reach you, we will call the next emergency contact listed on your application. 

    • In the case of a medical emergency, our camp physicians will assess the situation, administer treatment if possible, and accompany the child to an advanced facility if deemed necessary.


  • How can I contact my child in case of an emergency?

    • In case of emergency you may contact the main office at (818) 754-0312. Our office managers will then get in touch with someone on-site and relay any pertinent information.


  • Can I send packages to my camper?

    • No. Mail takes longer than average to make it out to the island, so the arrival date cannot be guaranteed. 

    • If your child is lacking an essential item, we have extra toothbrushes, water bottles, sunscreen, etc. which will be made available to those children.


Medical Questions:

  • How does camp handle my child’s medication?

    • There is a full team of nurses at every session of camp. Each cabin is assigned an RN or med nurse who is responsible for administering all medications. Medications are handed out at meals.


  • What medical supervision is available during camp?

    • A team of no less than 10 nurses is present on the island at all times. 2 pediatric cardiologists will be on site to provide further medical supervision.


  • How will my child’s dietary restrictions be accommodated?

    • There are complete vegetarian options available at every meal. Gluten allergies can also be accommodated by our kitchen. 

    • In all cases your child must be able to make appropriate meal decisions along with the support of our staff. 

    • Please fill out the application in full detail and let us know if cross-contamination is a problem. If so, you may have to pack your child their meals for the duration of camp.


  • What is your policy on tattoos and piercings? 

    • Most tattoos and body piercings are fine at camp, however, the camp administration does reserve the right to ask campers/staff to cover inappropriate or detrimental tattoos and to remove body piercings/jewelry that are unsanitary, pose a risk, or are detrimental to the community.


  • How will CdC handle COVID-19 and other communicable diseases?

    • Our Camper’s and Staff’s safety is our TOP priority. We will stay transparent as we release our protocols to explain our safety measures. 

    • We will release our Policies closer to camp - Summer 2024. 


About Inclusivity:

  • What is your Inclusivity Statement?

    • Inclusion Statement- Camp Del Corazon strives to include every family who may benefit from our programs, independent of race, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Our employment practices similarly prohibit discrimination based on physical disability, family status, age, race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity. Official eligibility will be determined based on the requirements listed in camp applications.

  • Can you tell me more about gender inclusion?

    • We accept gender non-conforming campers and staff at Camp del Corazon.

    • We will encourage everyone to use the preferred names and pronouns of all campers and staff.

    • Campers’ full legal name will remain printed on the bottom of their nametag, along with their preferred first name in large print.

    • Private changing facilities are available. All restrooms and showers are single-occupancy and may be used as private changing stalls if the campers or staff do not want to change in their cabin amongst cabin-mates.

  • Is there a place at camp for my gender non-conforming child? 

    • Camp del Corazon is working to make its summer camp program a safe and welcoming experience for gender non-conforming campers and staff. 

    • While we encourage campers and staff of all gender identities to apply for camp, we recommend you see our About Us page on our website to determine if CdC is the right place for your child. 

    • We currently house campers and staff along a binary male/female system. 

  • How are cabins arranged? 

    • Our cabins are gender binary and do not include a nonbinary option. “Beach camp” is traditionally a "girl's camp," while “Canyon camp” is traditionally a "boy's camp.” Both sides of camp have open-air cabins, shared restrooms, and shared showers with individual stalls.

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