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General Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for Camp:

  • How old do I have to be to volunteer as a counselor at Camp del Corazon?

    • You must be 19 years old on or by staff day.


There are 5 types of positions for volunteers at camp:

  1. Cabin Counselor - Cabin counselors live in a cabin with a group of 5-8 campers. CC's spend all day with their cabin group: at meals, during activity rotations and during evening activity.

  2. Activity Counselors - AC's sleep in cabins with campers as well as spend their meal times and evening activity with their specific cabin group. During the day, AC's run an activity for all age groups during the day. (Waterfront, Climbing Wall, Arts & Crafts, etc.)

  3. Med Nurses - Med Nurses are in charge of the medications and day-to-day physical wellness of a cabin. A med nurse may live in a cabin or with other med nurses if he/she is assigned to a cabin of the opposite gender. Needs to be a registered nurse in California for at least one year. Cardiology experience is not required.

  4. Support Staff and Activity Directors - These are staff that plan and facilitate the programs for camp. Support Staff plan the evening programs and daily schedule of In Person Camp as well as supervising counselors and supporting cabin dynamics at camp. Activity directors train and supervise their activity staff. Virtual Leadership/Support Staff help create and facilitate virtual programming for Virtual Family Camp.

  5. Virtual Camp Counselor - All the fun, mentorship, bonding, activities, and laughs from the comfort of your own home!


  • What is the application process like?

    • The application process begins with a short online application where we can get your basic information and learn a little about you. Next you will select a group interview date, where you will meet our camp director and other new staff. After your interview you will be contacted by the camp office regarding the status of your application.


  • If I apply, am I guaranteed a spot?

    • Not necessarily. While we would love to get everyone involved in camp, applications are evaluated on a first come, first served basis and we can only accommodate so many staff members who meet our qualifications. Camp del Corazon has many other volunteer opportunities; there are lots of ways to get involved!


  • Are there any paid positions available?

    • No. Camp del Corazon is a non-profit organization and is completely volunteer based.


  • Can I apply to be on Support Staff?

    • Support Staff is a leadership role at camp for members of our returning staff. Support Staff is in charge of the planning, facilitating and supporting a session of campers and staff. If you are a returning staff member or you have youth development leadership experience, you may indicate your interest by checking the appropriate box on the application. There is an additional interview required for this position.


  • Why do you do a background check?

    • Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our campers. To ensure this, everyone who works at camp undergoes a thorough background check via the national sex offenders list. Additionally, Bill AB506 requires all Childcare Organizations to receive LiveScan (fingerprinting) background checks for all staff. These background checks last up to 5 years. If you have been staffed by CdC, the camp office will be in contact about this.

    • Also, if you are a teacher, nurse or have any other profession that itself requires LiveScan results, you cannot forgo the Camp del Corazon LiveScan, as LiveScan is location-specific.


Staff Training: Staff Development Day

  • What is the date of Staff Day?

    • The date of staff day is the Saturday before Session 1 of camp.


  • Can I miss Staff Day if I've been before?

    • No. Staff Day provides new information each year and is important for your development as a counselor. Additionally, ACA standards require all staff to attend a minimum of 8 hours of training each year.


  • Why is Staff Day mandatory?

    • Staff day is where our counselors are prepared with the skills necessary to supervise and support our special needs population. Staff Development Day is the only day our entire staff team comes together, it's when we go from being individual counselors to one cohesive staff. Each year offers an opportunity for growth as a CdC staff member.


  • What do we learn at Staff Day?

    • Important medical, emergency and safety procedures of camp are shared at Staff Day. 

    • Additionally, our counselors learn more about the CdC culture, typical day-to-day schedules, expectations of them and of their campers, they meet their co-counselors, and they learn skills to handle the spectrum of children we serve.


​​Volunteering for Camp:

  • How long does camp run?

    • Summer Camp runs for three, back to back, five-day sessions at the end of August. Counselors are hired for a period of one, 5 day session. (See volunteer page for dates.)

    • Virtual Family Camp runs for one weekend at the beginning of the summer (late June). Staff may come and go as needed to Virtual Camp.


  • Can I come to camp for more than one session?

    • Likely, the answer is no. Exceptions may occasionally be made based on necessity.


  • Do I have to live in a cabin with kids?

    • Yes. You must be willing to sleep in a cabin with kids to volunteer at in-person Camp for Camp del Corazon.


  • Do I get any time off?

    • For in-person Camp: You are responsible for your cabin at all times of the day. There are a few nights during camp where you will have the opportunity for a free hour to socialize, check your email, etc. In some circumstances, you may be able to take one activity period off, so long as Support Staff is aware of your situation and your cabin remains in ratio.

    • For Virtual Camp: There are lots of breaks and you sleep and rest in the comfort of your own space!


  • Can I bring my phone to in-person camp? Can I check my email?

    • We recommend you leave all electronic devices at home. There is very limited cell reception and no internet available. If you do decide to bring your phone to camp, it must be out of sight of campers at all times. 

    • You must have a watch at camp - your phone may not be used as your watch or your camera. Phones are only ever allowed to be in use between 11pm and 12am following staff meetings.

    • Please read our Camp del Corazon Staff Internet Communications Policy

  • Can I leave the island during camp?

    • No. We have evacuation plans in place for emergencies only. You may not arrive to camp late or leave early.


  • Can I come with my significant other?

    • You may apply for and attend camp with your significant other. However, all behavior at camp is to be strictly platonic. 

  • Should volunteer staff with health concerns apply?

    • Our medical team reviews staff applications before acceptance and may request to speak with you about your health needs and the physical expectations of camp.

    • If you have any health conditions that would put you at a higher risk for complications if exposed to communicable diseases (ie COVID-19, influenza, colds, etc.), please consider these factors when applying to volunteer at camp as there is an inherent exposure risk involved while being in group settings. Please discuss this with your primary care provider if there are any questions about your own risk​.

Volunteering for Camp on the Medical Side:

  • Do all of the FAQ’s above apply to Medical Staff?

    • Yes, everything applies to medical staff (i.e. sleeping in a cabin, bringing your cell phone, attending Staff Day, etc.)

  • What license is required to be a Med Nurse?

    • You must be a registered nurse in California for at least one year. Cardiology experience is not required.


  • Does the same go for Nursing Coordinator (or Nursing Coordinator in Training)?

    • Yes. You must have been a Med Nurse at Camp del Corazon for at least two years before applying to the Coordinator position.


  • What is Staff Development Day like for the Med Nurses?

    • Staff Day has all-camp activities and trainings as well as nurse breakouts, where you will learn about the medical supplies available on the island, day-to-day procedures, emergency procedures and more.


  • How many kids’ medications are Med Nurses responsible for?

    • Each Med Nurse is assigned to at least one cabin of about 8 children or varying acuity levels. There is a chance that two cabins of lower acuity levels will be assigned to one Med Nurse (based on experience). 


  • Do Med Nurses go to all activities with their cabin?

    • MN’s go to most activities with their cabin. However, there is a rotation schedule that all nurses are expected to follow with different stations they may be assigned to throughout camp. 


  • Are there any additional requirements of Med Nurses at camp?

    • Med Nurses are the superheroes of camp - they care for the kids, they pass out their meds reliably and they are there to help them through some of the hardest camp moments for a kid. Because of this, we like to spotlight our nurses in a ‘Nurse Dance’ at the end of each session. All MN’s are expected to participate in this fun camp tradition.

  • ​What license is required to be a Med Nurse?

    • You must be working as a registered nurse in California for at least one year. Cardiology experience is not required.

  • Do Med Nurses go to all activities with their cabin?

    • MN’s go to most activities with their cabin. However, there is a rotation schedule that all nurses are expected to follow with different stations they may be assigned to throughout camp, based on staffing and acuity needs

About Inclusivity:

  • What is your Inclusivity Statement?

    • Inclusion Statement - Camp Del Corazon strives to include every family who may benefit from our programs, independent of race, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Our employment practices similarly prohibit discrimination based on physical disability, family status, age, race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity. Official eligibility will be determined based on the requirements listed in camp applications.

  • Can you tell me more about gender inclusion?

    • We accept gender non-conforming campers and staff at Camp del Corazon.

    • We will encourage everyone to use the preferred names and pronouns of all campers and staff.

    • Campers’ full legal name will remain printed on the bottom of their nametag, along with their preferred first name in large print.

    • Private changing facilities are available. All restrooms and showers are single-occupancy and may be used as private changing stalls if the campers or staff do not want to change in their cabin amongst cabin-mates.

  • Is there a place at camp for my gender non-conforming child? 

    • Camp del Corazon is working to make its summer camp program a safe and welcoming experience for gender non-conforming campers and staff. 

    • While we encourage campers and staff of all gender identities to apply for camp, we recommend you see our About Us page on our website to determine if CdC is the right place for your child. 

    • We currently house campers and staff along a binary male/female system. 

  • How are cabins arranged? 

    • Our cabins are gender binary and do not include a nonbinary option. “Beach camp” is traditionally a "girl's camp," while “Canyon camp” is traditionally a "boy's camp.” Both sides of camp have open-air cabins, shared restrooms, and shared showers with individual stalls.

Volunteering for Camp on the Medical Side
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